Urological practice
Urological practice

Our practice team

Dr. Klaus Rüdiger

Specialist in urology, andrology &
medical tumour therapy

Consultant, Urological University Clinic, Freiburg
Fellow of the European Board of Urology
Doctor for men (CMI)

e-mail: dr.ruediger@vasovaso.de

Dr. Monika Schwörer

Specialist in urology


e-mail: dr.schwoerer@vasovaso.de








From left to right:

  • Ms Lisbeth Martinez Garcia, health specialist (apprentice)
  • Ms Lena Bliestle, health specialist (apprentice)
  • Ms Renate Krüger, health specialist
  • Ms Diana Pfaff, health specialist
  • Ms Beate Sachers, nurse
  • Ms Kristina Vukovic, health specialist
  • Dr. Klaus Rüdiger
  • Dr. Monika Schwörer



Specialist urological practice
Dr. Klaus Rüdiger
Dr. Monika Schwörer

Schiffstrasse 9 (Schwarzwaldcity)
D-79098 Freiburg im Breisgau


Tel.: +49 (0)761-35933
Fax: +49 (0)761-31297

e-mail: praxis@vasovaso.de

Emergencies: 116 117
Emergency Medical Service

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