Urological practice
Urological practice

Ambulant operations

We carried out well over 4,000 interventions in our ambulant operating centres between 2000 and 2014. Complication rates are very low and are, in fact, below expected levels.
The most frequently carried out urological interventions are briefly explained below:


Separation of the sperm ducts when family planning has been completed. Pain-free implementation with local anaesthetic (sedoanalgesia, light sedation) and cardio-vascular monitoring.
Duration: ca. 20 minutes.



Micro-surgical reconstruction of the sperm ducts with the help of a surgical microscope to restore fertility following cutting of the sperm ducts. High success rate with throughput rates of over 90%.
Carried out under general anaesthetic. Duration: ca. 2 hours.
Further information is available under vasovasostomy.



Testicular sperm extraction. Tissue removal from the testicles in the case of lack of sperm (azoospermia) in the ejaculation. In about 70% of azoospermia cases there are still sperm that can be used for artificial insemination (ART/ICSI) and initially frozen (cryo-conservation).
Carried out under general anaesthetic. Duration: ca. 45 minutes.


Hydrocele / spermatocele resection:

Removal of benign cysts on the testicles / epididymis.
Carried out under general anaesthetic. Duration: ca. 45 minutes.


Varicocele resection:

Removal of varicose veins on the left testicle using a small inguinal incision. The varicose veins could impair sperm production.
Carried out under general anaesthetic. Duration: ca. 45 minutes.


Destruction of kidney stones (ESWL):

Destruction of kidney stones is achieved using extra-corporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), after which they can be excreted naturally.
Carried out under general or local anaesthetic. Duration: ca. 45 minutes.



Circumcision for medical, religious or cosmetic reasons.
Carried out under general (or, if desired, under local anaesthetic).
Duration: ca. 30 minutes.


Prostate biopsy:

Sample extraction from the prostate by means of a ‘biopsy gun’ to rule out a prostate carcinoma. It is carried out pain-free under sedation and always with ultrasound monitoring.





You can download our leaflet on ambulant operations here.


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